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  • Mhairi Wild

My writing practice

Writing is fundamental to my daily creative practice. It takes many forms including stream of thought journal entries, long form prose and poetry. I use the text as a springboard for metaphorical engagements which inform material response, sculptural form, scale, or repetition in my artworks.

This space is dedicated to sharing my own poetic work alongside texts from authors I find inspiring.


Dusk is filled with its own gifts.

Birds still their chatter,

swooping for insect suppers.

Low light softens edges, dancing into rooms

dappling surfaces.

The show is short-lived,

but always worth attending.

Timed well, I catch a handful,

play with shadows.

These moments , I give attention.

I strive to remain present,

maintaining compassion,

appreciating the ambiguity,

the unknowing, without reaching

for reassurance.

Oftener than not the

critical internal monologue begins.

I am learning to be still.

Allowing gaps to be gaps,

with no need for filling.

- Mhairi Wild

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